Zebra Wood Pen, black titanium device


Every wooden pen made by “Personality Pens” is a work of art in itself. The pen body is carefully processed and turned by Michael Richards in Cape Town, South Africa. His passion for nature and wood leads him to seek to get the most out of each wood species to create pens with a unique design. The great care taken in gluing, varnishing and assembling the pens guarantees them a long life span. The DAYACOM device, with its tungsten ballpoint pencil in particular, offers great comfort and unparalleled writing pleasure. The pens of “Personality Pens” are perfect writing instruments that will follow you to write down your inspirations on paper.

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Pen made of wood from South Africa.
Hand-turned with care to accentuate the design of the wood.
Metal inlays.
4-coat varnish.
DAYACOM black titanium device.
DAYACOM cartridge with tungsten ball.
Ink color black.
Writing capacity of the refill approx. 2.7 km
1 year warranty on any manufacturing defect.

NOTE: The warranty covers only manufacturing defects and not defects due to normal use or misuse.

Additional information

Weight 24 g
Dimensions 13.6 cm

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